Snow Day, Snow Day, School’s Closed!

Remember snow days when you were little? An unexpected day off school, playing in the fluffy white stuff? I  grew up in Pennsylvania, so snow days were a fairly common occurrence growing up. But can I just tell you that I love snow days as an adult even more? I just really enjoy the unexpected break from responsibility and the excuse to snuggle up inside and not have to go out for anything. I will say though, I have not had to drive to work in bad conditions yet, so that may change my mind on loving snow days.

I went out this morning to stock up on some stuff just in case the weather predictions are correct. Also because we wouldn’t have had dinner either way if I didn’t get some staples. The grocery store was already picked over, and I have NEVER seen so many people out and about on a Monday morning! Whew! I nearly got T-boned in an intersection in South Durham, and decided I needed to get home to start snow-daying ASAP.

I’m sitting here now under a big fuzzy blanket with my pup, the fireplace ablaze, watching old episodes of The Office. Corey has an early release from work, and we’re going to have dinner and watch a movie. We’ll probably wake up tomorrow and learn that this was all a bunch of hype, but oh well. We’re going to make the best of it no matter what :).