This Post Sponsored By the Flu

….and made possible with a whole lotta DayQuil. I actually had plans for several posts this week, but I was overtaken by the flu on Sunday night and it has been a ROUGH week. I seriously have barely moved from the couch all week. The house is a disaster because I just could not even move around to pick anything up. And hilariously enough, I think the girls have adjusted to bringing everything they need me to see or do for them over to my little sick bed. I’m basically living like the grandparents in Willy Wonka. 


I spent most of the day Wednesday thinking it was Monday (seriously, I somehow lost like two full days in the flu fog), and in a feverish haze freaking out that I hadn’t called out of work for the next day and repeatedly picking up the phone to do it again. Today went a little bit better. Although, I was caught in the car while my fever was breaking and of course Teddy was cold in the backseat (I mean, it was only 39 degrees out) so I had to wait until I dropped her off to peel of my jacket, crank the air conditioning, and point every single  vent towards me.

So I have no new interesting content for you this week. Unless being regaled with tales from the flu diaries counts, in which case we’re set here. 😉 And if reading about my bout with sickness isn’t your cup of tea, I’ll be back next week with a couple clear-headed posts.

Until next time…