Your Friday Favorites

This week I wanted to do something different with my Friday Favorites and ask you all for your favorites! Give me all your best advice about these things.


I’ve come to the end of my planner and I need a new one at the beginning of the year. Here’s my issue–I really like my planner to run July-July rather than January-January. I just think it’s more convenient with the girls’ school schedules if I can sit down and write in all their days off and field trips at the beginning of the year in one planner. So I need a planner from January through the end of June right now, and then a July to July one. Do they make those? Should I just go super cheap now and then get a nice one in June? Are there cheap planners that are actually nice? I know there are planner people out there that are totally particular about their planners, so give me your favorites! Which planner do you love and why??


I’ve been wearing CoverGirl Smoothers for years now, but it just feels kind of heavy and disappears too soon for my looooong days. What recommendations do you have for a really great under eye concealer that lasts all day. I also have pretty dark circles under my eyes (thanks nursing career and kiddos!), so I definitely need something to counteract that.

Fall Foods

I’m really in need of some recipes to add to my repertoire. I love cooking in the fall when warm comforting food just tastes so good, but I feel like I’ve had the same recipes on repeat for the last several years. What are some of your favorite dinner recipes for fall? Links to blogs or online magazines would be super helpful!

Comedy TV Series

My goal for this year was to really clean it and organize the house. But I need a good light-hearted show I can stream while I’m doing it. It just helps so much with the motivation, ya know?? 😉 Here are my musts: it has to be comedy–I’m just not in a place in life that I can handle anything too heavy (especially while I’m cleaning), it has to be funny but also clever and witty, and it has to be on either Amazon or Netflix. Is there anything out there that fits the bill?? I should probably mention I’ve watched (and rewatched) every season of 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Friends (watched to DEATH), Parks and Rec, and The Office.

And last but not least…<<< e finally started writing about our adoption--how we started, what happened in the middle, and how we saw God show up in a BIG way in the end. I’ll post once or twice a week sharing our story and here’s what I want to know--if I did some of this on my blog in written form and some of it on YouTube videos would you be interested in following along both places? Sometimes I think it’s just a little hard to convey emotions and all the things we thought and felt here on the blog. And I thought it would be a fun way to sort of “interact.” Let me know what you think!