Simple Things

simplethings2One of the things I love most about my girls is their absolute enjoyment of the simple things in life. It never takes much to make them really happy. They constantly remind me to slow down and enjoy little things.






Yesterday we had another doctor day. I don’t know what your experiences are like with little ones and doctors, but oh my goodness, was I unprepared before becoming a parent. Part of it is that when you bring a child home from another country, there’s kind of a rush to get everything done pretty quickly. And I get it, I’m on board 100%, but it isĀ exhausting. Each time we go in for an appointment, there’s one more test, one more vaccine, one more lab value that needs to be done. It makes for a long day every single time. And quite honestly, with all the needles it ends up being traumatizing for them (and mommy).


So back to the simple things ;). Yesterday mid-appointment, right around the time I started realizing it was going to be a long day with the potential for lots of tears, I knew the girls needed something special to look forward to. I told them that if they could listen and obey and get through the scary stuff, we would go home and make a bed on the couch, eat popcorn, and watch a movie. They were thrilled. You would have thought I told them we were heading to Disney World right after the appointment ;). Every time things got to be a little too much, I just reminded them of what was coming and they did so.well. I was such a proud mommy, they really are the best girls. Their resiliency astounds me almost every day.


So we got home, I made a bed on the couch, which for some reason is totally fascinating to them ;), poppedĀ some popcorn, and we all just kind of vegged. They took a three hour nap (!!!), woke up when daddy got home, and made a gigantic fort in the living room. All the very best simple things.




We must have one a good job recovering because other than some talk about the band-aids on their legs, this morning they’re kind of acting like nothing happened. What a relief!

What kinds of simple things do you enjoy after a hard day?