Better Late Than Never Friday Favorites

We’ve had a week here! We hit up the state fair last night and we were all so worn out by the end that I didn’t have it in me to sit down and write a post. So here it is–better late than never, the things I’m thankful for this week!



Date night! We traded off with our best friends for date nights and it was a blast! Several weeks ago we watched their little guy while they went out, and Wednesday night they watched the girls and we hit up a new restaurant in downtown Durham, The Lakewood!

(Corey looking like he’d rather not be there, but really just wishing I would stop with the selfies in public.)

It was soooo delicious and we both loved our meals so much that we ate every bite and didn’t have any room for dessert, which was disappointing because it’s supposed to be amazing there! I had steak, and you know I had to photograph it to show the evidence ;).

Besides the amazing food, it was so nice to have a quiet dinner together with no interruptions. And of course we spent most of the time talking about the girls ;). The atmosphere at The Lakewood is a little retro and definitely perfect for a date night. They actually have rooftop dining that we tried out, but the sun was so bright in Corey’s eyes that he couldn’t look directly at me. Not exactly ideal for your once-every-three-months date night. So we headed back inside and sat across from the huge front windows and open air bar.

After dinner we hit up the new Cocoa Cinnamon and I had a Harvest Latte. The décor in this location is soooo beautiful. I can’t wait to go back when we have more time to sit and enjoy a drink and some churros!


(Harvest Latte outside and the beautiful tile outside Cocoa Cinnamon. And date night shoes–similar here and here)

And as much as we love being out on the town together, there’s nothing quite like being home with our little family.


We hit up the NC zoo last Sunday for the first time ever! I was unsure what the girls would think after being on a safari and to the incredible zoo in Uganda, but they LOVED it! They were both so excited to see all the animals and really enjoyed the experience. They actually had so much fun that we barely heard any complaints about how much walking we did. The zoo is divided into two parts–North America and Africa. We, of course, started with the Africa side and after three and a half hours straight of walking, we were all kind of ready to call it a day and decided to come back another time to do North America. We saw so many cool animals and the park is just so pretty and spacious!

This chimp sat in front of the girls right up against the glass eating acorns for the longest time. The girls were totally enthralled. If we hadn’t lured them away with the promise of a snack, I think they would have sat there as long as he did!

This was by far my favorite part of the day. I fell in love with giraffes when we were on safari in Uganda. And these guys came right up close to us and stood for such a long time! I was almost jumping up and down I was so excited. They’re just so graceful and docile. I had so much fun watching them.


NC State Fair! This was the girls’ first time at the fair and we had a BLAST. We went with Auntie Sarah and hit alllll the high points–rides, food, games, and friend Reese’s cups! The girls played a fishing game and won little trumpets and OMG, that was something. I told Sarah that it was significantly harder to lose them after they had the trumpets than before because we listened to just one constant trumpet call the rest of the evening. My ears were so glad to get back to the car and the “no trumpet rule” went into effect ;).

Waiting for the ferris wheel. That nearly gave me a heart attack when we got to the top. Thrill seeker I am not.

View from the top. When I was finally comfortable enough to move.

Fried Reese’s cups. There really is nothing like these. It’s a melty, gooey, fried ball of deliciousness. The girls were in heaven scarfing theirs down.


And last but not least, this meme I found this week. I’ve really been trying to up my workout game, but I can’t help but feel like this every once in a while. Or most of the time. You know.

I hope you have a great weekend! I am once again working for the weekend 😉 and then I’m sure the first half of the week will feel super busy next week. I’m loving that Fall is finally in the air here in NC, though! It’s been really refreshing. I’ll see you all back here next week!