A Beachy Thanksgiving

We got back Saturday evening from a really fun Thanksgiving beach trip! It was a kid of unconventional way to spend the holiday, but we all agreed that it was one of our favorite Thanksgivings ever!

We ate at a buffet for Thanksgiving dinner and there was just seafood galore! It was amazing. I usually don’t love buffets, but the food at this one was fantastic! We stayed just a short walk from the beach and the girls loved running along the water after our seafood feast. They kept asking to get in the water–and JJ did at one point–but it was cooooooold! We all had to warm up with hot tea and coffee and warm baths when we got back.

O Friday we headed over to Jockey’s Ridge State Park to walk up and down the sad dunes. It was such a last! My kids were literally rolling in the sand. They also had a plan to make a dune of their own and spent a rather industrious 30 minutes building up a big pile of sand ;).

And of course there was more running. Because what’s the point of being in a wide open space if you can’t stretch your legs and sprint up and down giant sand dunes?

We left the dues about a hour before sunset a went to our favorite coffee shop for lattes ad hot cocoa. My mom and I hit up the newish Homegoods i Nags Head ad got some really great Black Friday deals! It was nice to just take our time browsing the aisles looking for goodies.

I between the fun beachy things and shopping and eating, there were lots of coloring pages, Hallmark movies and snuggles.

We had such a great time that we’re talking about doing it again the next time we all spend Thanksgiving together. It was the perfect mix of getting out and doing fun stuff and staying in and relaxing. A big plus was not having to cook a huge dinner after traveling to get to our destination.

I kept saying that this was the most unique way we’ve spent Thanksgiving, but I’m pretty sure being on safari two years ago takes the cake. That year will be really hard to top! I’m so thankful for our family and that we got to spend Thanksgiving with people we love so much. There is just so so so much to be thankful for!