We’re in Helsinki!

And I’m blogging on the go! I feel so technologically savvy. We took off from RDU around 3:30 Wednesday. Our first flight was to JFK, from there we flew to Helsinki. Our layover in JFK was really short which kind of stressed us out, but ended up working out well. No waiting around. We just hopped in the boarding line and off we went!

   On our first really big international flight!
Out flight to Helsinki was about 7 hours, and man do we feel rough right now! I feel kind of ripped off. I thought working night shifts would have prepared me well for this. It was so weird when they woke us up at what felt like 1am for breakfast. Whew! Out plan for today includes lots and lots of coffee. We’re already on our second cups. We should be perky in no time flat!


Were so excited to get to Germany. I’m excited to meet Corey’s friends. Really I’m just so excited that we’re experiencing this together. Traveling and seeing new places is so much fun when you do it with your best friend. Corey hasn’t said a whole lot, but I can tell he can barely contain himself ;).

(Like I said…lots of coffee)

He looks pretty good in the middle of the night on no sleep, doesn’t he?
More later on!