Weekend at Home

We just got back last night from a really great weekend at my parents’ house. Corey and I drove up Friday night for my sister’s baby shower on Saturday (more on that later). I have such a love/hate relationship with going home. Not to my parents’ house specifically, more just my hometown. But once I get there, I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated in just the best way. There’s something to be said for being around the people you love the most who really get you, ya know?


Anyway, being home was wonderful. It was even better because literally everyone was able to come (both sisters and both of their husbands). My mom makes her house really inviting and comfortable and fun. We just had the best time being together and laughing. And the weather! After 9 summers in NC, I must have forgotten what PA summers were like. I was wearing sweaters at two different times during the weekend! That is just out of the realm of possibility during August in NC. I would kill for weather like that here right now. But oh well, Durham has its charms, I guess ;).


Cece had a blast running around (mostly chasing the boys) the backyard here. I wish I had a picture of that. She’s a country dog at heart :). We’ll have to work on our back yard situation for our next house.

I’m going to go work on my to-do list. I’ll be back with all the shower details later on.