{Travels} Germany Part I

Soooo…Europe! We had SO much fun. We went to Germany for Corey’s friend’s wedding, and it was just an incredible time. We left on Wednesday and had a very long trip with stops in NYC and Helsinki, Finland.

As I mentioned before, we landed at 2am our time, which was 9am Helsinki time for our layover there. It was rough. We drank a lot of coffee, then found a long row of seats and I slept while Corey kept watch to make sure I didn’t get snatched :). Helsinki was really rainy and gray the whole day. Luckily, we didn’t have to leave the airport, but we had 7 hours to kill. And I was probably grouchy the whole time. Sorry, Cor.

Anyway, after Helsinki, it was on to Munich. We were picked up by Corey’s friend Brandon, and went to the parents of the bride’s house. Jonathan and Anja (bride and groom) had just wrapped up their civil ceremony at the courthouse. I think Corey was really really excited to be reunited with so many of his high/college school friends. Right after we arrived, we participated in a tradition where all the friends and family break dishes in the driveway and the bride and groom have to sweep them up. I think it has something to do with getting rid of the old and making room for the new for the couple? At any rate, it was really fun to throw dishes in front of the house (I don’t know if Anja and Jonathan thought it was that fun when they were cleaning up…), definitely something I’ve never done before.

We hung out with friends for the rest of the evening…actually into the night, we didn’t leave until midnight! We were exhausted. I didn’t get any pictures that night. I felt so gross from traveling for a day and a half and I was so worn out, it just didn’t happen. Anja graciously found us a place to stay with family friends. They were so hospitable. Brandon and Corey and I had the whole bottom floor to ourselves. They also had a huge breakfast for us every morning when we woke up. It was so awesome! We really enjoyed our time there and getting to know the family a little bit.

So anyway, we slept pretty well Thursday night, and woke up Friday morning ready to tour Ulm. I’ll save that for the next post. More pictures to come, I promise!