Summer Bucket List

Ready for a happy post? Good, me too.

A couple weekends ago we decided enough was enough. We are going to make the most of the remaining month of summer. I’ve talked a little bit about how our summer has been a little bit sad. We didn’t really make plans to do much of anything or take any trips (although we did have that awesome weekend in Kill Devil Hills!) because we really hoped we’d be in Uganda. On top of that, we’re at the point in the summer when the heat becomes almost unbearable. It has been really really hot and humid for weeks. The kind of hot that no matter how little you wear outside, you always feel like it’s too much (I have not thoroughly tested this, but you get the picture.). What do you do when your summer is a little bit of a bummer? Make a summer bucket list! We brainstormed some things we’ve never done, and then added some things that we’d like to do again before Fall rolls around.

So here it is, our Summer 2015 Bucket List:

1. Go swimming at the Rock Quarry at the Eno–a big thing to do in the summers in Durham, but somehow neither of us has done it yet! (This is actually inaccurate now. I went with my friend, Heather, and it was awesome! Corey and I would like to take Cece because she would love it!!)

2. Make a jalapeno mocktail–jalapeno cocktails kind of seem to be the rage (is this only in Durham?). We’re going to make our own version at home. I just saw a watermelon jalapeno one that sounds amazing.

3. Perfect our fish tacos–We’re inspired by the ones we had at Tortuga’s Lie. Maybe one day ours will be just as good ;).

4. Go camping at the beach–Ok, realistically this may not happen. But I’d really like to try!

5. Do Poet’s Walk with Cece–We found a really great trail around an old estate in Hillsborough when we were out exploring last weekend. The trail is a mile around and it runs along the Eno River on the back end. It’s nice to switch up your walk route once in awhile. The Tobacco Trail and our neighborhood get a little boring after the 5,640th time.

6. Finish Band of Brothers–I’ve never seen this the whole way through. Corey set out to fix that. Luckily, my sister bought the entire series a couple years ago, so it’s on loan for the summer. So far I’m really liking it, although I end up nearly in tears at the end of every episode. WWII stories just get me every.time.

7. Catch a Durham Bulls game–Preferably one on a Friday so we can see the fireworks after :).

What do you think? What else would you add to a summer bucket list?