My Life is Uninteresting, Except the Thing with my Toe

So, I know I should post here more often than I do, but I just don’t feel like I have anything good to say. Every once in a while I think of something interesting to talk about or post, but when I sit down to actually do it, it’s like I’ve never had an intelligent thought in my life. I generally just give up before I start. So here I sit on another Friday night, exhausted, and not a thing to report.

Work has kind of been kicking my butt. Lots of new things to adjust to in regards to responsibilities and such. I still love my job, and I love taking on more, but man, it wears me out! And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

I thought I broke my big toe this morning. I was trying to get my yogurt for my lunch out from behind the crockpot that was for some reason lurking on the middle shelf  ::ahem::. Anyway, when I went to pull it out, a jar of jelly rolled out in front of it and dropped onto my toe. I of course went upstairs to tell a sleeping Corey about the incident. Because who doesn’t want to be woken up by their wife crying saying she broke her toe? Exactly. As I was bemoaning the fact that the crockpot had found its way into the fridge and Corey started putting two and two together, she exclaimed, “the crockpot fell on your toe?!” I felt pretty silly following that up with, “no, it was a jar of jelly.” It did hurt for the rest of the day, though. And my toe is all red and swollen and throbbing, although less so now that it’s out of my Dansko. Ah well, not every morning can be injury-free. There’s always tomorrow…


Quick Update

Ok, ok. A real post is in the works and will make its way here soon. We’ve been busy with wedding stuff, work, and just life in general. We’re still loving every minute of marriage and we’re learning a lot every day. Christen and Andrew tied the knot just 3 weeks ago.

The wedding was beautiful (as were the bride and groom) and we couldn’t be more excited for them both. I’ll do a post with lots of pictures…once I get my camera that I left at my parents’ house back.

Back with more in a bit!




Update in Pictures

Not much going on around here lately. We took a trip to PA for my sister’s wedding shower. I can’t believe we are only 3 weeks out from her wedding!! Other than that, we’ve just been hanging around Durham. And enjoying being married :).