Weekend in Pictures 1.26.17

This weekend was a good one. A little basketball, a little bike riding, and a whole lot of relaxing and good food.

Friday afternoon I picked JJ up from school and on the way to get Teddy I was like, “lets use that year pass we have and hit up the museum!” So we left the pick up line at Teddy’s school and headed over to the Museum of Life and Science. You guys, it was the best.idea.ever. There was hardly anyone there, in fact we had a lot of the spaces totally to ourselves. The girls ran around the treehouse for about as long as I could handle being in the cold, then we went back inside to explore some of our favorite places. I savored the latte I grabbed on the way in and the girls built some impressive structures with the giant foam blocks.

We left the museum about 5 minutes before they closed and met Corey for dinner at Dashi, a ramen bar in downtown Durham. The only thing I was craving all week was noodle-y, broth-y ramen and as usual Dashi did not disappoint. It really did do my body good.

Saturday afternoon was a first for us. JJ started basketball this winter and had her first game this weekend. We have officially jumped into the world of kid sports, and I’m telling you, I think I’ve found my people. The first time they put jovia in, I was screaming and yelling encouragement from the sideline. I looked at Corey when I realized no one else was being quite so vocal and said “oh, are we not supposed to yell?” Ha! A lot of the other parents soon got in the spirit and the kids all looked like they were having a great time. I’m telling you–there might not be much cuter in the world than little inexperienced kids playing basketball. I almost couldn’t handle how adorable everyone was being!

We took the girls around the corner to baby Scratch after the game and had some delicious pie and an Americano (for mommy ;)).

And this girl decided to start looking like a teenager. Geez. You let a kid play one game of basketball and all of the sudden she’s all grown up! 😉


At least she still lets me hug her 😉

I don’t have one single picture of our day Sunday because I basically didn’t get out of my jammies all day long. We read books, took naps, baked cookies, and Corey made us an incredible dinner of Coq Au Vin. It was the perfect end to the weekend. We woke up Monday morning ready to get back at it!


This Post Sponsored By the Flu

….and made possible with a whole lotta DayQuil. I actually had plans for several posts this week, but I was overtaken by the flu on Sunday night and it has been a ROUGH week. I seriously have barely moved from the couch all week. The house is a disaster because I just could not even move around to pick anything up. And hilariously enough, I think the girls have adjusted to bringing everything they need me to see or do for them over to my little sick bed. I’m basically living like the grandparents in Willy Wonka. 


I spent most of the day Wednesday thinking it was Monday (seriously, I somehow lost like two full days in the flu fog), and in a feverish haze freaking out that I hadn’t called out of work for the next day and repeatedly picking up the phone to do it again. Today went a little bit better. Although, I was caught in the car while my fever was breaking and of course Teddy was cold in the backseat (I mean, it was only 39 degrees out) so I had to wait until I dropped her off to peel of my jacket, crank the air conditioning, and point every single  vent towards me.

So I have no new interesting content for you this week. Unless being regaled with tales from the flu diaries counts, in which case we’re set here. 😉 And if reading about my bout with sickness isn’t your cup of tea, I’ll be back next week with a couple clear-headed posts.

Until next time…


A Huge Epic Life Update

Ok, fine, the title might be a little misleading. No big news here, but it’s been so long since I updated this space and actually finding time to sit down and write something certainly feels big :).


I realized recently how nice it is to have something to look back on and see what I was thinking/feeling during a certain time in life, especially while we in the process of adopting our girl girls ;). I wish I had been better about writing here during the last year because it was such a unique one. But the truth is, I’m exhausted. Like literally I think most of what we’ve experienced in the last 12 months has felt like a complete blur because it was all so overwhelming with the highs and the lows and the life changes–some having to do with adjusting to life as a family of four, some things that we brought on ourselves that added to the stress of it all. I feel like I’m just now starting to climb out of the fog that has covered me for a year. Just the other day I was trying to think what I was thinking and feeling last year at this time (when we had been home with our girls for just a couple weeks), what our days looked like and what we were doing with our time. The only thing I could come up with was that I was tired. Just sheer exhaustion.

In a lot of ways this year has been a struggle. I’ve been so happy but there have been many days that I’ve felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and really alone. Adoption is such a funny thing, there’s so much support while you’re walking through it, but at the same time it can be a very isolating journey–for adoptive parents and adopted kiddos alike. There are a lot of things that happened surrounding our adoptions that I’m just now beginning to process. Part of coming out of the fog of the last year, perhaps. But while I feel like some semblance of peace has settled over our home life, these feelings of anger and confusion are starting to come to the surface. Obviously, things to deal with so we can move on in a healthy way. If you’re an adoptive parent reading this and processing things that seem overwhelming to you, you are not alone. Adoption is amazing, yes, but it is also hard and admitting that it feels like more than you can bear at times does not diminish the sheer miracle of adoption! In fact, I think it only serves to highlight God’s amazing grace.


Our crazy family. Literally, this was the best picture we took. Sigh.

So, what about the good stuff? Oh friends, there is so so very much. These little girls are such a joy. There have been lots of shenanigans in the Hart household over the last year.

We’ve been busy with work and play…



learning so much in homeschool…


visiting our favorite aunties…


and somewhere in there I got a little crazy and started my very own business (which, seriously, am I nuts?  …don’t answer that).


This wasn’t a great all-encompassing update, but I hope it got you up to speed a little bit with what is going on with us. My goal over the next couple months is to write here a couple times a week. And maybe I’ll even start on that adoption story I promised you guys over a year ago ;)! Thank you for reading and following along with the life of our family.