Friday Favorites

Some more favorites from this week!Sisters
I know this was a favorite last week too, but I felt so refreshed after spending last weekend with my sisters. It is always fun when we’re together. We had the best time. I’m so excited that I get to see them again next week for Thanksgiving. It definitely made saying goodbye a lot easier last weekend.

Hobby Lobby
Ok, we don’t have a Hobby Lobby in Durham, and I really wish we did! I went all the way to Burlington with one of my good friends yesterday and we got some great deals. I scored several things to hang on our walls, and maybe something for a certain sweet little girl’s room ;). I felt like everything I was interested in was 50% off! My friend said, “they knew we were coming!” It definitely seemed like it.

Trades of Hope

I did this post about Trades of Hope this week. Some of my very favorite jewelry is from this company, and I’m so excited about the work they’re doing around the world. Learn more about Trades of Hope here and enter my giveaway for the Christmas ornaments pictured below here.

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend!

This Post Becomes Worth it in the End

I haven’t been blogging. Which is sad. Because I have stuff I want to blog about, like my really fun trip to see my best friend, but every time I sit down to write a post, I’m just not feeling it. I’m feeling really tired and just grouchy lately. Between traveling, working extra, and just some general life stuff, I’m exhausted.

She’s feelin’ me

To add insult to injury (quite literally), I’ve been dealing with this plantar fasciitis in my left foot for awhile. I (stupidly…bad medical professional) let it go too long without getting it checked out, so it’s gotten pretty severe. I saw an orthopedist two weeks ago and got a boot to wear at night (it’s as ridiculous looking as it sounds), some shock-absorbing heel cups for my shoes, and an order for PT. So I went to my first PT appointment this week for an evaluation and she gave me stretches and some exercises to do. That night, I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Which is seriously the only way the situation could have gotten worse. Except it my foot had fallen off, which as far as I know, is not a side effect of plantar fasciitis. So now I’m hobbling around like an 80 year old woman because neither foot works well. It’s contributing significantly to my grouchiness.

Work has been a little crazy. Admittedly, I brought this on myself by picking up extra shifts, making my schedule look somewhat like a nightmare. I love my job, I really and truly do. And I’m so grateful to work where I do. But my job is tough and most days it is really draining. I’m tired, I’m grouchy, and just not feeling very “me.” And I wish I was

Alright, are you ready for this whinefest to be over? Me too. I’m kind of rolling my eyes at myself.

Let’s end on an uplifting note, shall we? I’ll show you how behind the times I am by posting a new-to-me Jimmy Fallon video my sister and brother-in-law showed us at the beach. It is spot-on. (The video is pretty poor quality, though.)

If that doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.


Stinky Puppy


is the face of evil. She may look innocent and sweet and charming but she’s not. Okay, actually she’s kind of charming. And sweet. And that makes us let down our guard. We never learn, honestly. Today when she was left out by herself in the living room, she found a pen and chewed it up. So now I have ink on the ottoman and rug in the living room. Awesome. She also found a paint stirrer and chewed that up. And then threw it up. Of course.

Luckily, the ink came out of the rug and is mostly gone from the ottoman. Just when I thought we left the puppy stage behind. And now she is of course laying on my lap sleeping. She totally knows how to get to me.

In other news, my blog came in handy for the first time…ever. I promise you, this will never happen again. Last week my toenail fell off. I couldn’t remember when exactly I dropped that jar of jam on my toe until I remembered that I blogged about it. It was February. Which means it took almost 6 months for the nail to fall off. Gross. And weird. And I just blogged about my toe. Again. And you thought this blog would finally get interesting, huh? No such luck, friends 🙂