Weekend, Friends, and iPhones

Nothing too exciting to report here. We had an average run-of-the-mill weekend. Made infinitely better (as always) by some quality time with friends. Friday night we had some friends over to watch a movie and eat snacks. I made these:

And they were epic. I’ve loved donut muffins for awhile, but add Nutella? Perfection. They were so good that I made them again for a snack for small group on Sunday.

Saturday morning I had coffee and quality time with some girls from our small group. It was so much fun and made me wish we could do it more often. Like every weekend? How does that sound, girls? 😉

We decided to do a relaxed and casual date Saturday night and went to Bull City Burger and Brewery for burgers–beef and bacon for Corey and their amazing bean burger for me.

Sunday night we were reunited with our small group, and honestly I don’t think we realized how much we missed these people. We had so much fun sharing and laughing and being serious and just laughing…a lot. How did we get by without you guys this summer? We are so looking forward to a great year learning and growing with you all.

It’s always a little sad when the week starts again. How do the weekends fly by so fast? I’m currently delaying the return to reality by attempting to make a decision between these two iPhone cases:

Effective, right? (And yes, I do in fact have an obsession with navy and white…)

Have a great week, everyone!