Remembering Sammy

Last week we had to say goodbye to our beloved dog Sammy. About a month and a half ago, Sammy started throwing up almost every day. We went through several different diagnoses and nothing seemed to help. He was still sick and losing weight, even with several rounds of anti-nausea medication which only gave us short reprieves from the illness. On Thursday last week we found out that Sammy had a cancerous tumor on his liver that spanned both lobes. There was nothing that could be done for him. We were faced with the hard decision of whether to let him go or to hang on and watch him suffer. In the end, we decided it was best to have him put to sleep. He was so lethargic and so unlike himself and seemed to be in a lot of pain. On Friday he didn’t even want us to touch him. We tried to lay on the floor next to him, but he would get up and move away. A sweet friend came over Friday afternoon before we took him back to the vet and took some pictures of us with him. Our first dog in our first house, our first year of marriage.

We were so sad to see him go. We were able to hold him and whisper to him in his last moments, and for that we’re grateful. It is good to know he’s not suffering anymore, but it sure is hard to walk through the front door, knowing that he won’t be there to greet us. There are so many things that we’ll miss about him. His mischievous personality, how he loved to snuggle and comfort us when we were upset, his single soft little scratch at the bedroom door letting us know he wanted to come in. I know Corey especially will miss his best friend. Sammy loved Corey and kept him company through some really hard and lonely times.

It is hard to think of life without Sammy. Even in just these past ten months I’ve gotten so used to his company and his funny little quirks. The house will certainly feel lonely for awhile, but I’m so thankful for these 10 months we had with him (and the 8 years Corey had before that). He was such a big part of our lives, and I know we will miss him for a long time to come.