Azure Skirt

I have a confession to make: when I got my initial inventory, I was not really a fan of the LuLaRoe Azure. It just seemed like a skirt that you could get so many other places. Yeah, the fold-over waistband is really nice, but I’m pretty sure I had a skirt just like this from Target years ago, and I’ve seen sooo many of them at Old Navy.


So my plan? Sell them off and carry something more interesting in my shop, of course! 😉


But then I tried it on. Let me tell you, this skirt is way better than any of the other dime-a-dozen knee length skirts that are out there. The material is smooth and silky and falls juuuuuust right. The fold-over waistband lets you lengthen or shorten the skirt so it hits just at the right spot on the leg. AND it allows you to wear the skirt higher at true waist level or lower at the hips. And then the biggest reason this skirt has been a favorite for this summer–it is cool. The fabric is so nice and light and the skirt itself is airy and flowy. This summer was a scorcher and I reached for this skirt over and over again.


We took our kids out to the park this weekend and I threw on a yellow Classic Tee–knotted at the waist–with this blue Azure and (of course) my Ugandan beads which seem to go with anything and everything. The whole outfit was cool and comfortable, which is just what I needed in this NC heat. But I felt put together and cute at the same time!

Have you given Azure a try? What do you love most about it? If you’re interested in shopping LuLaRoe, join my shop here!