A Healthy Lifestyle in 2015

This year, Corey and I have a goal to live healthier. This means more trips to the gym and being more intentional about eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Since this is the year we’re adding to our family (OMG! I can’t believe I get to say that!), we want to make some lifestyle changes now because it’s easier to continue living a healthy lifestyle than to do a complete overhaul while transitioning to a family of three. I want our daughter to have every opportunity to be healthy and to grow and develop properly. The more I read about adoption and helping kids through the huge adjustment of adoption, the more I realize what a big role exercise and good nutrition play in a child’s success.
We’ve started making some changes already. Every Sunday (or Monday–depending on the week), I juice a ton of fruits and vegetables. It makes enough juice for 4 mornings for each of us. I try to do a variety of vegetables, and then throw in one fruit so we don’t get a sugar rush and subsequent crash mid-morning :).
I’m really trying to put forth more effort with meal planning this year as well. I have felt really guilty about the amount of food that goes to waste in this house and the nights we use tiredness or laziness as a cop-out for eating well. I really want to keep that to a minimum and have a concrete for dinners at the beginning of the week, even if it’s reheating leftovers. I’d like to share more of the meals we love on the blog as we try to eat healthier this year. I’ll also try to provide some meal planning inspiration in case you’re anything like me and meal planning sometimes feels like a huge headache.
I’m actually really starting to look forward to this healthy new year! 🙂