{The List} November Goals

If you know me, you know I love a list. today I wanted to share my list of goals for November. I feel like each month I have good intentions of doing good things and I let the busyness of every day and every week take over so I never actually accomplish anything. That’s probably an exaggeration, but I want to make room for some fun stuff as well as some more important things rather than just trying to get through every week. Although some weeks that’s just what it comes down to, isn’t it?

Anyway, here’s my list:

1) Have friends over for dinner
I would like to be more intentional about opening our home to our friends. Sometimes I get trapped in the mindset that I shouldn’t entertain until my house is perfect. But seriously, who cares? It sounds rather silly when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? I want to just embrace the here and now and enjoy time with our friends. We’ll shoot for two or three times.

2) Try 4 new recipes
Ok, I’m in a serious rut with dinner. I think I have my staple favorites and the rotation through the favs has become rather….short. Part of the problem is feeling like there is a time crunch to get food on the table. I’m going to try to relax a little and enjoy the process. I did make butternut squash risotto last night, it wasn’t necessarily a recipe since I just added what I thought would taste good, but it was new(ish) to us. And it was wonderful. Risotto is definitely one of those dishes that forces me to relax and enjoy the process. So if we’re counting the risotto, then I need to try three more new recipes.

3) Finish Xmas shopping
I’m almost there. I need about 3 more big gifts, and a couple small ones. I have a solid plan for 2 of the big gifts, I just need some time to execute it and get it to come together. I think it should be do-able by the end of November. The third big gift is for Corey. Because I literally have nothing for him yet. Why is he the hardest person on my list to shop for??

4) Create some holiday traditions
Corey said to me the other day, “I like to do things to make the Christmas season special for you because you enjoy it so much while it’s here and you get sad when it’s over.” So sweet…and so true. This year I want to create some of our own traditions for our little family. Maybe combine some of his family’s traditions with some of my family’s traditions? Any favorite holiday traditions you had growing up that you’ve now made your own?

I’ll let you know how I measured up at the end of the month :). Do you have any big goals for November?