Just When Things Become Predictable…

So, this was supposed to be a season of no more surprises. Of relative stability…knowing what to expect out of life. We have a travel date for Uganda, we have a court date, we’re getting on with what we’ve been waiting for for over a year. We’re preparing for travel, preparing for the big change of adding a child to our family. God always has such different plans than I do….

Last weekend I posted this picture on Instagram saying we were ready for our daughter to come home.



Well, now it seems my car will look a little more like this


There’s a long back story here. But basically, we are now anticipating bringing home two girls instead of one in January. We are awaiting a second referral for a little girl we’ve known about and prayed for for 2 years. We had no clue she would show up at the baby home we’re adopting from several weeks ago. Over the past week Corey and I have prayed really hard about what God wants us to do in this situation. We feel certain that we are being led to adopt this little girl. So in January when we get home, we’ll most likely be a family of four rather than three :).

We’re excited and nervous and scared. There’s a lot that needs to happen in order for this to be successful, so please pray that things move quickly and this second adoption can be completed while we’re in Uganda. I’ll be back with more later, so stay tuned!


A Great BIG Thank You!

You. Guys. Or for my NC friends, y’all ;). It’s been a little over a week since we posted the link to our fundraising page and we have over half of the money we need to raise to travel. WHAT?!?! This has exceeded all our expectations. Totally. Do you know what is even better than knowing we are halfway there? Seeing a name attached to every donation that comes in. And each name represents someone who has walked with us on this journey. What would we have done without friends to rejoice with us when we got good news, hug us when things got hard, and listen to us cry when we thought everything was falling apart? And now so many of you have donated toward bringing our daughter home. I don’t think there’s an adequate way to express our gratitude. But let me just say, thank you so much for all you have done.

And now for the next half. We are traveling in just a couple short weeks, and we need your help. If you were considering making a donation, could you do it now instead of waiting? That would be huge for us. We would really like to do this without relying on a credit card that we have to pay off later. I thought it might be helpful to give you a breakdown of some of the expenses we expect to incur while we’re in Uganda. This way, you know exactly what you contributed to and maybe can feel like you helped in a tangible way.

A house for one night in Jinja is going to cost us $20. If we could get 14 people to donate $20 each, that would cover our two week stay in Jinja.

In Kampala, we’re looking into renting a room in a guest house that would cost $70 a night. This includes, food, clean water, and laundry each day. So, basically $70 per day for almost everything we need! 7 people committing $70 would take care of all our needs for the first week in Kampala.

It will take about $50 per round trip from Jinja to Kampala (or Kampala elsewhere), and we’ll need to use long-distance transportation approximately 4 times that we know of so far. So if four people have $50 to spare, that would cover our travel needs.

We’re trying to do all of this as inexpensively as we can. But as you can imagine, this all adds up. We’ll also need to book much more expensive things, like flights back for all three of us, a passport and visa for our little one, and visas for Corey and me upon landing in Uganda. In addition, we are (obviously) still responsible for all our bills at home like a mortgage, student loan payments, HOA fees, etc. We would just appreciate any way you could help :). **I almost forgot to give you the website where you can give your tax deductible donation! It’s Adopt Together and we have a page set up specifically for our adoption.

Thank you all so much for being our community. We are blessed, sometimes beyond what we can believe.


The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

Or at least the one Corey and I have been eagerly anticipating for about a year now…..





What does this mean? Well, it means that we’ll travel to Uganda, stay for 8 weeks, then if all goes well, come home with our little girl!! We. are. ecstatic. And nervous. Well, I’m nervous. Corey is just excited, plain and simple :).

We’ll be traveling in November (so soon!!), which means Thanksgiving and Christmas in Uganda. With our daughter. I cannot describe how happy I am that we don’t have to spend another holiday without her. This happened at the very best time. It also was about the time when I was feeling the most hopeless, so it was welcome news.

There is one area that we could use your help. We have worked really hard to be able to afford this adoption. We’ve picked up overtime at work as we could, cut back in every area we could think of, we kept a tight budget while we were going through this process. But we’re pretty much to the end off what we can do. We need help with the last little bit. Would you consider contributing to our travel fund? We’re looking at flights to and from Uganda, and then accommodations and travel expenses while we’re in country for about 8 weeks. We’ve set up an account where you can give a tax-deductible donation to help us meet this need. Go to and click on the green “Donate Now” button on the right side of the page.

What we need even more than money though, is your prayers. Please pray that things go smoothly and there are no hold-ups while we are in country. Pray that our daughter will be comfortable with us and that the initial bonding phase would go well.

We so appreciate everyone that has walked this road with us. You support, prayers, and encouragement have meant so much to us, and at times has carried us when things got hard. Thank you.

Next stop: Uganda!!