About the Harts in Durham

Hi! I’m Julie, and this is a blog about my family–the Harts. In Durham.

durham fam

NursingI’m a critical care nurse by day. Oh, and frequently by night as well ;). I love my job most days even though it can be so hard and very draining. I’ve been so blessed by the friendships I’ve made throughout my career and to be a small part of helping patients in their recovery process.

Corey and Julie DurhamCorey and I met in 2007 at a Fourth of July party right after my sister and I moved to Durham. We spent the next three years casually getting to know one another. We were in a church small group together as well as a mutual group of friends. After three years of seeing each other a ton in social situations, we started dating. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have guessed what the future held for us.

wedding durham

We fell in love and got married in our favorite city–Durham. Then we spent the next three years having lots of adventures together.

Durham adoption paperwork

A tiny amount of the paperwork we had to do for our adoptions.

In February 2014 some friends told us about a little girl who needed a forever family. We started the adoption process in May of that year. As we were getting ready to travel in October 2015, we were told about another little girl with a similar story. There was no question in our minds that this was God’s timing and that we were being led to adopt this little girl. We accepted a second referral 10 days before we left the country.

We lived in Uganda for 3  months (whew!!!) while completing our adoption of these two cuties.

bringing girls home to durham

The day we were granted legal guardianship of our JJ


Now we’re living in the city we love with our amazing kiddos.


We love exploring Durham, especially the foodie scene! Both of us are pretty obsessive coffee-lovers, we’re up for a fancy latte or just a plain cup of coffee any time of day. We follow Jesus passionately, even when He calls us to do crazy things. Like bring two kiddos home from the other side of the world when you were only planning on one! I hope you enjoy reading more about our family.